February 10, 2014

On "Exorcisms"

On TV and the movies, you always see "exorcisms" being performed by catholic priests.

These are the same people that belong to a "church" that has murdered, tortured and molested countless numbers of victims over the last 2 millennium.

Their "priests" are not even allowed to marry - a basic human right and function.

They claim that "holy water" (tap water babbled over) has power over Satan and demons.

They spew drivel from a book in a language not used for centuries.

And people believe this! This is the "authority" to drive out "evil spirits"? Give me a break!

Next time you see this, just remember who really IS EVIL. Remember who has been harmed throughout history. Remember

High Priest


September 23, 2019
Forgiveness, Exposed: Part #1

Defenders of Satan Essay #0010 Forgiveness, Exposed: Part #1 One of my most hated constructs is the concept of forgiveness. Not all forgiveness but specifically what I call forced forgiveness or mandatory forgiveness. This has been on my heart to write for some time now. I will be explaining in detail what I mean and […]

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February 22, 2019
Defenders Of Satan - Song of Satan #0002

Oh Foolishness thy name is Forgiveness Forgive Forgive the RHP Cults admonish us to do. We must forgive those who do us wrong. By Father Satan do we dispense with such foolishness. We are to forgive and forget the harm done to us. Never did the wrongdoer relent, never did they repent. They harmed us […]

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February 14, 2019
Defenders Of Satan - Song Of Satan #0001

We are. We are the Children of Satan. We are strong. We are free. We are the Fire, We are the Ice. Trapped not by Guilt, No shame from “Sin”. We are the Rebellion from Within. Hail you Oh Father Satan! We are the Darkness, We are the Light. Oh Morning Star, Oh Dark Lord! […]

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