The Defenders Of Satan - Dedication And Devotion to Satan.

i, _______________ do hereby solemnly swear to love, respect, defend and follow Father Satan and His Demons.

I reject and scorn any right hand path deities and Abraham religious "gods" including Allah, Jehovah and "angels"

I utterly blaspheme and ridicule the concept of the Christian "Holy Spirit" and the mythical "Jesus Christ", the alleged son of the Christian "god".

I reject any notion of "sin" which is a construct designed to keep me in guilt and servitude to ancient cults.

Except for forgiving myself, I am not obliged to "forgive" my enemies and should feel free to pursue vengeance if necessary upon wrongdoing.

I pledge to defend, up to my capabilities and energies, my Satanic Brothers and Sisters.

I pledge to act always with honor and integrity as I represent Satan and his community.

I pledge not to break the laws of my community, except of course for self-defense or the defense of Satan, my family and my Satanic brothers and sisters.

I will always choose truth and knowledge over ignorance and foolishness.

I understand that Satanism is not a "fad", nor a "hobby". It is not something to put aside when times are difficult or if I get "tired" of it.

Although freedom is a Satanist's highest value, Satanism is not just about wanton sexual activities, metal music and outfits. It is a serious path and the pursuit of it should not be taken lightly.

I thank you, Oh Satan, for freeing me from lies and deceit, for giving me the power and strength to overcome any obstacles, and I will endeavor from this time forward to do whatever it takes to promote and exhort our Infernal Path and the Black Flame of Truth.

Hail Satan!!

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