Guard your time carefully, brothers and sisters

This is the kind of time wasting, toxic horseshit that you must watch out here on social media. Guard your time carefully so that people like this don't waste a second of it.

This clown IMd me to tell me he returned to Christianity, in particular to CATHOLICISM. No doubt for a piece of ass or to please his family.

I regret any time I spent replying to his crap but it is a good lesson for me and for our community. I want to warn again that Satanism is not a fad nor is Father someone to abandon lightly.

Also beware of "Satanists" who make strange or insane claims. It's one of the reasons for founding the defender of Satan, to weed out the fakers, posers and clowns

High Priest


February 25, 2021
Kids expelled from catholic school due to naughty mom!!

California OnlyFans mom Crystal Jackson says her kids were expelled from school

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February 20, 2021
Happy Satanic friday to all brothers and sisters in Satan!
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February 4, 2021
We are all Defenders Of The Faith

as the Judas Priest song goes, we are all "Defender Of the Faith". Keep strong, keep happy and be free!  Ave Satanas, All

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