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The United States Postal Service produces stamps for nearly every occasion and religious holiday. But for some reason we are unable to comprehend, they have yet to produce any stamps celebrating Satanism. Sure, you could order "Happy Birthday" stamps, or stamps celebrating the achievements of Scientists, or other satanic principles such as "Liberty", but what if statements such as these are simply too subtle to adorn your correspondence?

WE ARE HERE TO HELP! What better way to show your Satanic Pride than to send an ACTUAL DEMON along with every letter you send? While these stamps have NO ACTUAL POSTAGE VALUE, you can still stick them to your Infernal letters and parcels next to the appropriate postage!

Each booklet includes TEN self-adhesive, COMPLETELY UNIQE demon stamps. Each stamp displays a DEMON IMAGE produced by the same DEMON-INVOKING PROCESS we use to produce all our demonic products, along with the words "Demon Possessed!"

And these stamps aren't just for mailable items! You can use them to DEMONICALLY POSSESS ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING! Just apply one or more of these to ANY ITEM, and it will be INSTANTLY POSSESSED!

So DON'T WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE! These Demons are VERY EAGER TO POSSESS whatever they can stick to! Order NOW!

High Priest


May 13, 2021
Dedicated To Father
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March 10, 2021
Satan is the Father of Freedom Not the Father Of Lies

The Christian bible tells you that Satan is the father of lies. This is such bullshit. Christianity and the right hand path are the true father of lies. Our Father, Satan is the father of truth, of freedom, of liberty.  There is no phony guilt with Satan, no original sin, no having to prostrate yourself, […]

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March 3, 2021
We are scarred but we survive

We Satanists are often a scarred, battered bunch but we survive and we enjoy and we conquer through our strength and that of our Father Satan

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