Taking on the lie of the so-called "Satanic Panic"

Beth Rhone Tay and Sarah Ponto Rivera are our point people for the TST campaign to bring long-overdue repercussions to the creators of Satanic Panic who continue to destroy the lives of the vulnerable with conspiracist tales of Satanic Ritual Abuse. We're taking on the Mental Health profession's agencies of licensure to recognize the frauds who continue to purvey debunked notions of traumatic repression and Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder).

It is primarily from hypnosis-inspired confabulatory dialogues with their clients that quack therapists help instill and cultivate delusions of a Satanist criminal network -- exactly in the same way narratives of alien abduction are almost universally constructed.

For those who are unaware, I have quite a few writings about this issue available online, and I've attended conferences for people who claim to have suffered Satanic Abuse, as well as support groups for abductees, from which I've compiled a good number of interviews and research.

I have worked with Sarah and Beth since before the formation of TST. Beth attended a conference of the ISSTD (International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, the primary culprits in the continued spread of this bullshit) in 2013. Sarah attended in 2014. Their notes and audio recordings provide a lot of raw material, yet to be fully sifted through, to make for a great expose.

We want to call attention to individual therapists who continue this practice, and bring shame to the licensing boards who have consistently turned away from the issue. Please reach out to Beth and/or Sarah if you'd like to help with this campaign. It's well past time we went on the offensive against the false accusers. (Some of my writings related to the topic can be found here:


High Priest


May 13, 2021
Dedicated To Father
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March 10, 2021
Satan is the Father of Freedom Not the Father Of Lies

The Christian bible tells you that Satan is the father of lies. This is such bullshit. Christianity and the right hand path are the true father of lies. Our Father, Satan is the father of truth, of freedom, of liberty.  There is no phony guilt with Satan, no original sin, no having to prostrate yourself, […]

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March 3, 2021
We are scarred but we survive

We Satanists are often a scarred, battered bunch but we survive and we enjoy and we conquer through our strength and that of our Father Satan

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